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Thinking to Transfer your Vehicle Registration Number? This happens when you found a buyer or someone who is willing to take over the ownership of your Vehicle Registration Number. The transferee (receiver) can be an individual or company. The process is simple and straight forward, both parties need to have Singpass or Corp pass (company) we can help you to transfer the ownership from party A (transferor) to party B (transferee). The receiving party will receive the ownership of the Vehicle Registration Number on the same day regardless of the Vehicles loan status. There will not be any transfer counts to your vehicles as well. You can Whatsapp Us or send us your details below: 

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    Selling your VRN is Easier than you Think!

    Do you know that there might be someone who is willing to PAY for your Vehicle registration number? Every VRN is unique in its own way. The prefix might be an abbreviation of a person's name, and the number might be someone's anniversary or birthday! Old VRN with a single or double prefix can be perfect for a vintage car! You could just be sitting on a pot of gold! Post your VRN for sale before you sell or scrap your car! 

    Sell your VRN

    VRN an Asset in its Own Class

    Unlike Vehicles in Singapore the value of a VRN does not depreciate over a 10 years period. The VRN can be retain to your next vehicle or transfer with the vehicle ownership to another party. In recent years trends on the emphasis of VRN to personalized and differential the Vehicle has been fueled by increasing buying power of local and China nationals, this has steadily pushed up prices for VRN. In our view, owning a bided car plate that is in demand, limited by its supply makes it an investment in its own rights.

    Secure your VRN