Checksum Generator


How to use it? Try it: If you enter “SDP” follow by “8160” you will generate the registration number “SDP8160 L”. If you enter “EB” follow by “2332” , you will generate the registration number “EB 2332 J”.

Have fun!

Our Competence:

We specialize in Buying of Vintage Numbers plates (VRN), Selling / Consigning of Car Plate Numbers (VRN) via free advertisement, Transfer of Vehicle Number Plates from one Owner to Another without any Transfer Count and Scrapping of Vehicles.

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Vehicle Check Sum Generator

Discover the power of the Vehicle CheckSum Generator—your key to unlocking the full Vehicle Registration Number, including the elusive final letter of the registration plate. This tool ensures the authenticity of car plate numbers, an essential feature whether you’re verifying a vehicle’s legitimacy or checking a plate number for an upcoming LTA number bidding. Plus, explore our comprehensive Car Plate Number Series available for download.


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Why is the last prefix important?

1. Make better LTA Number bidding decisions.
Before the release of a new bidding series, our checksum can generate the full vehicle number. Assuming, you are waiting for a new series to be released by LTA and you are deciding if you want to bid for the registration number SMP 1. By using our checksum, you can make a better decision knowing that the full registration number for SMP 1 ending with J.

  1. Car Dealers and Motor Insurance Agents.
    Customers of Car dealers or Motor insurance agents may tend to forget the last prefix of their registration number. The Car dealer or motor insurance agent can use our checksum to confirm the last prefix or alphabet. The agents can then use the registration number to check the resale value of the vehicle or generate motor insurance.
  2. Validate the vehicle number plate.
    Wondering if the vehicle with the unique number plate is from Malaysia or Singapore? Or do you find a vehicle registration plate looking suspicious? Validate it with our Checksum and have fun.

Refer to our Singapore Vehicle Registration Number Commencing Month and Year Table to find out the year the Number Plate was Commence in Singapore.