How much can I sell my vehicle registration number for?

Prices of car plate numbers vary and very much depend on the supply of the number plate. Vintage numbers that are more than 50 years old starting with a single “S” series can command in the 6 figure range.  A more recent Single-digit car plate can range from $15,000 to $80,000 depending on the prefix and number. We can provide you with a free evaluation just need to contact us directly via Whatsapp or Phone: 9396 8000

My car is coming to 10 years old and I am scrapping my car. How do I sell my car plate number?

Before you can sell your registration number, you will need to retain your number Car Plate via

Retaining the car plate number can be done when

1) You de registered your vehicle online via, during the deregistration you will be prompted if you want to retain your vehicle number.
2) Before you de registered your vehicle you can login to to do a number retention, the fee payable to LTA is $1300. For breakdown see LTA page here.

Second option, if the vehicle has been de-registered a Number Retention can be coupled with the de-registration.

Once the number is retained, the registration number has a 1-year validity, at the end of the one year, you can extendable the retention at $1000 for another 6 months.

With the number retained the owner can:

Sell registration number or Replace the number to another existing vehicle in the same owner name.

How can I transfer my parent's car plate number to myself?

You can do so by:
1. Transfering the ownership of your parent’s car to your name. This can be done online Via
2. The vehicle ownership together with the car plate number will be transfered.
3. Do a number retention and replace the retained number to your vehicle.
4. Transfer the vehicle with a new random assigned number back to your parent’s name.

Points to note:
1. During the transfer you will be asked to enter a valid insurance before you can accept the vehicle.
2. The vehicle being transferred must not have any outstanding loan (without finance)
3. As the vehicle is transferred from the parent to the Child (child retain number) and back to the parent there will be 2 transfer counts added to the parent’s vehicle.

You can also write into LTA to request for the transfer.

If you want to transfer the number plate without any hassle, we are also able to transfer the car plate number without adding any transfer history to your car. Contact us  directly via Whatsapp or Phone: 9396 8000

How long does it take for the vehicle to be transferred?

Using your Singpass, Password and One Time Pin. We can complete the transfer of your Car Plate Number in about 20 minutes via

During The Circuit Breaker 2020, Transfer of Vehicle takes an average of 20-30mins.

How much is the Retention fee?

Once a buyer is matched to your car plate number you will need to Retain your car plate number first before we can transfer it to the new buyer.

The retention fee charge by the Singapore Land Authority ( LTA) is $1,300. Please see the Cost of Retention on LTA Website here.

How long can I retain my vehicle registration number?

Your car plate number can be retained for 1 year, thereafter extended for another six months. We can help you with your number retention.

My 1 year retention is ending soon, what should I do ?

You can extend the retention for another 6 months at via,   We can also help you to replace the number to another vehicle so that you can retain the car plate for 1 year instead of 6 months. Contact us directly via Whatsapp or Phone: 9396 8000

How do I advertise my car plate number here?

Go to Post Free Advertisement or Post Paid Advertisement or simply call us to contact us directly via Whatsapp or Phone: 9396 8000 and we can help you to post your Car plate number.

How do I purchase a car plate number here?

From our Shop Page  use the Filter to search for the number you are interested to purchase and submit a bid. We will reply in less than an hour. Or simply contact us directly via Whatsapp or Phone: 9396 8000 .

How to Check Malaysia Summon?

Use this website to check Malaysia Summon. We have a detailed article on how to register and use the website. Read it here.

Why is Car Plate a good Investment?

Buying a Vintage or Rare number might make a good investment over other assets classes because over time Vintage or Rare numbers become can only become lesser. The law of Supply Vs Demands will drive the price of vintage overtime.  You can view our vintage numbers here.

What is so great about having a Vintage or Auspicious car plate number?

Pairing a uniquely rare or beautiful number makes your car stand out from the crowd, they are also pleasing to look at comparing 3051 vs 2222 vs single digit 8 and you will understand how perfectly it flows on the body your beautiful car which you have spent hundreds of thousands to buy it.  You can view our vintage numbers here.

What is the most beautiful number plate you have come across ?

One of the most beautiful number plates we have seen on the road is  SS777S . You can view our vintage numbers here.

Why do I see Mercedes, BMW, Lambo and many big cars with Nice number?

In Singapore, a luxury vehicle like Mercedes Benz would cost and average of  Singapore dollars $200,000 onwards whereas supercars like Lamborgini, Ferrari, Bentley, Aston Martin, Mclaren would start from Singapore dollars of $650,000 onwards.

Comparing the price of a Mirror Car plate number example 7777 would be around the Singapore dollar of $8,000, which work out to be just 4% of @$200,000 and 1.07% of S$650,000.

It makes a lot of sense for the luxury car owner to spend the marginal percentage of their car price for a Car plate number which they enjoy to make their S$200,000 car perfect!

View our car plate inventory here.

What are the most Popular number plates?

In Singapore, most number “fanantics” enjoy single digits like 1,2,3,5,6,7,8 ,9 and also mirror numbers like 11, 222, 3333.

Some collectors enjoy the Initial Car Prefix which they can resonate or form an association with.

Example some Car plate starting with
SMU can represent Singapore Management University
SGH can represent Singapore General Hospital
SLA can represent Singapore Land Authority
ER can represent the Surname ER, or Professional Engineer

We also have specific inquiries ask wants to look for SDD end with K,
the buyer mentions that his name was Darren, his elder son name was David
and his Wife Karen.

The reason for buying a precious and meaningful car plate is endless.

You can view our inventory shop here.

What is the Earliest Car Plate number in Singapore?

In the history of Singapore, according to an article by The Straits Time, the first single S vehicle number plate was recorded in the year 1906. There were few motor vehicles in that era, so it took the Single S series about 66 years to end with the SY series in July 1972, then in August 1972, the Land Transport Authority started with EA series which exhausted in 1984 and that was when the S series was reintroduced with SBA in August 1984. Since the year 1906 to the present, there are more than 250 combinations of car plate prefixes.

Use our Singapore Car Plate Commence Table here to find out the age of Car plate number in Singapore.

How do I choose the Correct Car Plate Number?

You will know “How” to choose the correct number when you know the “why” for buying. Why do you want to buy a nice number? To some, the car plate number reflects identity or reflects a special meaning to the owner.  Buying a number can be driven by the following reasons:

Number same as Birthday
Number same as a Birth year
Number same as Date married
Number same as Date start company
Number same as House unit number
Lucky Number for the individual
Car plate Prefix forms the initials of name, family name, company name.

An Example David was bored on 7 July 1970, working at Singapore Management University as an Advisor.

It would be interesting for David if his car plate number was SMU7770A
where SMU means Singapore Management University, followed by his birthday 7 July 70 and his role as an Advisor in SMU.

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