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How much can I sell my Vehicle Registration Number for?

Prices of Number Plates varies and very much depends on the supply of the number plate, vintage numbers that are more than 50 years old starting with single “S” series can command in the 6 figure range. Drop us a message and we can provide you with a Free Evaluation.

My car is coming to 10 years old and I am scrapping my car. How can I sell my car plate?

To sell your registration number, you will need to do a Number Retention at LTA, there is two options:

First option, will favor someone who wish to sell or trade in his car to car dealer without the Registration number.  The owner Must do a Number Retention before the sales and transfer of his vehicle to the buyer.

Second option, if the vehicle has been de-registered a Number Retention can be coupled with the de-registration.

Both option has different up front payable cost by the owner, once the number is retained, the Registration number has a 1-year validity (extendable).

With the number retained the owner can:
-> Sell Registration Number
-> Replace the number to an his existing vehicle
-> Coupled the retained number to a vehicle and Transfer to the buyer

How can I transfer my Parent's Car Plate Number to my name?

You are able to transfer the number plate to you name by transferring the vehicle ownership, follow by a number retention,  the car can then be transfer back to your parent name, this can be done at LTA. Do note that 2 transfers count will be added to the vehicle ownership and this  might affect the resale value of the vehicle. We are be able to transfer the car plate number without adding any transfer history, contact us and we can help.

How long does it take for the Vehicle to be Transfer?

It usually take about 1 hour at LTA, however it might stretched up to two hours on a busy day at LTA.

If I do not sell my Vehicle Registration plate, How long can I retain it?

Your number plate can be retain for 1 year, there after extend for another six month. We can help you with your number retention.

My 1 year retention is due soon, what should I do?

You can extend the retention for another 6 months at LTA office. At we can also help you to replace the number to another vehicle so that you can retain it for another 1 year period.

How do I advertise For FREE at

Use this link at or Call us at 9396 8000 we are happy to help.

How do I purchase a Registration Plate from

Click on the number you are interested to purchase, we will reply in less than an hour, you can also reach us directly at 9396 8000.

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