Below is an Advance Checksum Generator.

Our Advance CheckSum Generator uses a formula to generate the last alphabet of the Vehicle Registration plate, combined with a backend filter we are able to generate 9999 numbers, sort Prefix and numbers all at a single click.

How to use:
In the below form Select “All 9999 Numbers” to get Checksum for all 9999 numbers, Select “Match Prefix” to get matching prefix Example Prefix Matching (A), SM(A) —-(A) or select “Match Numbers” to get your favorite number in the running series. The results will be sent in PDF via your email.

You can also download the Car Plate Number Series here, if you are looking for Single Checksum results use our  Simple Check Sum Generator here.   Always on the go? Then download our Android App here!

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Disclaimer:  Read our  Terms and Condition before download.

Why is this Advance Checksum useful?

1. Getting checksum from 0001 to 9999 in a single click.

There are a total of 18 possible alphabets (A, Z , Y, X, U, T , S, R, P, M, L, K, J, H, G, E, D, C ) that forms the ending prefix in the Car plate number.  Our Simple checksum generator Or download our Android App here, can only check a Single Car plate number each time. Although it is useful, it will not be possible for the user to enter all 9999 numbers in front of a computer without spending hours just to find his/her favorite number combinations, which perhaps he/she wishes to Bid from LTA website.

2. Prefix Matching Features 
This feature can filter extremely beautiful number plates which might not have been detected without using a filter.  This feature allows the user to filter for a Specific condition of Car plate prefix. Example: SM”S” – – – – “S” matching the 3rd and last prefix or S”M”A—-“M” matching the 2nd and last prefix.

How to use:  Select “Match Prefix” Enter your Front and last prefix, using the example of “SMS—-S”, there will be 468 return results starting from SMS10S, SMS28S, SMS109S, SMS588S…. ending with SMS9986S.

3. Match Numbers
This features filters for the Car plate with your Predetermine Prefix and your selected “lucky” number.

How to use:  Select “Match Numbers” for example enter “SMV” as an initial character and enter 88 as your “lucky number”, there will be 252 return results starting with SMV88C, SMV188Y, SMV288S, SMV388L……ending with SMV9988X.

Refer to our Singapore Vehicle Registration Number Commencing Month and Year Table to find out the year the Number Plate was Commence in Singapore.