How to Bid for SNT Car Number Plates: Key Dates and Requirements

How to Bid for SNT Car Plate Numbers: Key Dates and Requirements

Are you looking to secure unique and personalized SNT Car Number Plates in Singapore? The upcoming LTA VRN Bidding is your opportunity to bid for that special number. You can download our checksum calculator to find out the last prefix of the car plate you wish to bid for—available for Android or iOS. Once you know the car plate you wish to bid for, here’s everything you need to know about the bidding process, requirements, payment methods, and how to use your newly acquired VRN.

SNT Car Number Plates Bidding Schedule

The main bid exercise for SNT car number plates is open from 1.00 am on 12 July 2024 (Friday) to 4.30 pm on 17 July 2024 (Wednesday). 

Additionally, successful bidders will be notified via email, and the results will also be available on the OneMotoring website online inquiry service from 12.00 pm on 24 July 2024 (Wednesday). You can check the bid results online here.

VRN Bidding Requirements

To participate in the bidding, you will need the following:

  • The Vehicle Registration Number(s) you wish to bid for (in order of preference).
  • The NRIC No. / FIN / Company / Business / Association Registration Cert. No. of the vehicle’s registered owner.
  • An email address for notification of results.
  • A contact number.
  • Refund bank account details for the refund of unsuccessful bids paid by eNETS Debit.
  • A mailing address or the name and NRIC No. of a proxy for the return of Cashier’s Orders for unsuccessful bids.
  • An e-receipt will be sent to your email address (entered at bid submission) if your payment transaction is successful.

VRN Bidding Payment Methods

There is a non-refundable $18.53 (inclusive of GST) Service Fee for each bid submission.

  • For Total Bid Amount Payable Up to $100,000:

Payment by eNETS Debit (Internet banking account with DBS/POSB, OCBC, Standard Chartered Bank, or UOB) is allowed.

  • For Total Bid Amount Payable Exceeding $100,000:

Only payment by eNETS Debit or Cashier’s Order(s) is allowed.

How to Use the VRN

The SNT car number plates acquired through the bid are valid for 1 year, starting from 12pm on the day after the bidding results are announced.

There are two ways to use the VRN:

  • For New Vehicles: Ask your motor dealer to use the VRN immediately when you register a new vehicle.
  • For Existing Vehicles: Log in with your Singpass to and navigate to Digital Services > Manage Registered Vehicle Numbers to use your bid VRN to replace the number on your existing vehicle. There will be a replacement fee of $327. Once you have replaced the VRN, you must change the number plates within 3 calendar days.

Furthermore, if the VRN is unused by the expiry date, it will be reassigned back to the LTA. You can apply for a 6-month extension of the unused VRN before the expiry date for $1,000 plus an administrative fee of $42.51 for each 6-month extension. Log in with your Singpass to and go to Digital Services > Extend Vehicle Number Validity to perform the extension before the expiry date.

Unsuccessful SNT Car Number Plates Bidding

Your bid amount will be refunded if your bid is unsuccessful. 

If you paid by eNETS Debit, you will receive your refund through the Interbank GIRO account indicated in your bid submission. In the case that the transaction fails, you will receive a cheque by post. If you paid by Cashier’s Order, your bid envelope containing your Cashier’s Order will be returned to you according to your preference stated in your online submission.

Moreover, you still have the opportunity to obtain your preferred car plate number through an online car plate marketplace once the SNT car number plates bidding results are released.

Visit our website,, which specializes in offering unique, bidded, and vintage car plate numbers for sale. With a vast selection of prefixes, our platform allows you to secure your desired car plate through a straightforward and hassle-free transaction process. 

After the SNT series, the next bidding series for SNU* is expected around September/October 2024. (Final confirmation is dependent on the LTA announcement on their website.)

Alternatively, getting a number directly from us removes the uncertainty associated with the bidding process, providing a reliable and efficient way to acquire your desired car plate number. Browse the various options available and negotiate a price directly with the seller to find the perfect match for your vehicle.

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