How To Sell Car Plate Number Singapore

How To Sell Car Plate Number Singapore

Did you know that you can put up your car plate for sale? If you’re planning to change your car plate or you have a unique car plate that you wish to sell, this article is for you.

When it comes to selling car plate numbers in Singapore, there are several important things that you should be aware of. We will guide you through the process and provide helpful tips on how to sell car plate number Singapore to maximize your chances of a successful sale.


  • Evaluate the Worth of Your Car Plate

First, it’s crucial to evaluate the worth of your car plate. The value of a car plate is determined by various factors, including the combination of numbers, prefixes, and the demand among potential buyers. 

3 ways to get an estimated value:

  1. Research recent car plate for sale listings with similar numbers and prefixes to understand current market trends set a reasonable price, and attract potential buyers.
  2. Approach car dealers to obtain quotes for your car plate number. They can buy the number from you, wait for an end user to purchase it, and offer a slightly lower price compared to the market rate. Consider if the price difference offered by the dealer is worth the wait.
  3. Seek a reference from us. Unlike car dealers, we consign your car plate numbers for our customers on our website We can provide an estimate of how much your car plate number can be sold for.

However, the value of a car plate ultimately depends on how much an interested buyer is willing to pay and how much the seller is willing to get. Willing buyer willing seller.


  • Transfer of Car plate number 

When selling car plate number, once you have a buyer and sign the agreement, the transfer of the car plate number must be done along with the vehicle. There are two methods to accomplish this:

First method: You can handle the transfer yourself, ensuring that your buyer possesses a valid Singpass and insurance to accept and transfer the vehicle and car plate number. It’s important to note that the vehicle should not have any outstanding loans, and the transfer will incur 2 transfer counts.

Second method: You can engage a dealer to handle the transfer for you. The dealer will use a vehicle to transfer the car plate from the seller to the buyer’s name. The dealer is responsible for providing a valid insurance policy number to the LTA (Land Transport Authority) for the transfer, and their vehicle will incur 2 transfer counts.

At, we assist our customers in listing and selling car plate numbers through our website with the transfer of vehicle and car plate ownership.


  • Selling Through Car Plate Sellers

Finally, last tips on how to sell car plate number Singapore. While selling car plate number independently is an option, many sellers choose to work with reputable car plate market place or dealers. These sellers/agents have extensive experience in the industry, which can be beneficial for both buyers and sellers. 

They can help you navigate the market, advise you on the pricing, and connect you with potential buyers who may be interested in your car plate number. Working with a reputable seller can simplify the process and increase your chances of finding the right buyer quickly.

Additionally, some car plate sellers also offer to arrange the ownership transfer of the car plate leaving you with less thing to worry about after getting a buyer for your car plate.


Why list with us?

At, we offer a reliable platform for both sellers to put up their car plate for sale and buyers to find their preferred car plates. Our team can provide you with price recommendations to save you time researching the suitable price. Our listing process is simple and fast.

Additionally, we can assist with arranging ownership transfers immediately, making the process less hassle for both parties involved.



In conclusion, selling car plate numbers in Singapore requires an evaluation of the plate’s worth and an understanding of the transfer process. By listing your car plates through car plate platforms, you can leverage the service they provide to make your selling experience smoother. We offer a simple and fast listing process and can assist with ownership transfers, providing a hassle-free experience.