How to Transfer and Accept a Vehicle with its Registration Number

If your vehicle does not have any outstanding loan you can transfer your vehicle together with its registration number to another individual or company. In this write-up, we will go through the procedure for the transfer and acceptance of the vehicle and its registration number.


Transferor Vehicle must not have any outstanding loan.
Transferee must have proper insurance to accept the vehicle.
Fees are payable to LTA for Transfer of vehicle and Number retention.
Access to Singpass login for both Transferor and Transferee
If the above conditions are met you can proceed to transfer the vehicle with its car plate number.

Transferring of Vehicle

Step 1. Login to

On the top right corner, click on login to access your dashboard. If your vehicle is registered in your personal name, select the option ‘For Individual User’. Else, if the vehicle is registered under your business name, select the option ‘For Business User’.

Step 2. Login via Your SingPass App or Password

Upon selecting the dashboard option, you may choose to login by using the QR code in the SingPass app or by directly keying in your SingPass ID and password.

Step 3. Go to Vehicle Hub

After you have entered your dashboard, click on ‘Looking for vehicle hub? Click here.’. This will open up the vehicle hub page.

You should now be able to see the following options in your navigation bar at the top of the screen.

Step 4. Transfer of Vehicle.

Under ‘Ownership’ in the top navigation bar, go to ‘Transfer of vehicle ownership’ and click on ‘Apply to Transfer.’.

Step 5. Select the Vehicle with the Car plate number you wish to transfer and Enter the Next Owner’s Details

You will be able to see the vehicles with the car plate number that is registered , select which vehicle you would want to transfer to the next owner. Assuming that we are going to transfer the Car plate number SBR19D so we Click on SBR19D as per below image.

Next, DO NOT check the check box that you wish to retain the vehicle number as we are going to transfer the vehicle number together with the vehicle to the next owner. Then, proceed to enter the details of the new owner.

Transfer to Individuals

ID: NRIC number
Name: Name as per NRIC
Mobile Number: Mobile of individual
Transfer to Company

ID Type: Company or Business
ID: ACRA for Company and Unique Entity Number (UEN)
Name: Name of company or business
Mobile Number: Mobile of person-in-charge
After the details are filled, click on ‘Next’ to proceed.

The transfer is now completed and the transferee who is the recipient will need to login to to accept the vehicle with the car plate number. The next part of this article will show you how to accept the vehicle.

Accepting a Transfer Vehicle
Step 1. Transferee login to

The login process is identical to steps 1 to 3 above for the transfer of vehicle. Once you have logged in, click on ‘Ownership’ in the top navigation bar > go to ‘Transfer of vehicle ownership’ > click on ‘Confirm/Reject Transfer’.

Step 2. Select the Transferred Vehicle Number

Next, select the relevant vehicle number that you wish to accept or reject the transfer for.

After which, select the option ‘I do not need another transaction.

You will need to select the Insurance Company and enter the insurance Policy Number before proceeding with the submission. An administrative payment of $25.00 will be collected in the process. Upon successful payment, the vehicle will then be transferred under the new owner’s name.

If you have any questions, we are happy to help. You may reach us via WhatsApp or Email.

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