How To Retain Your Existing Car Plate Number

Are you looking to retain your car plate number? In this write-up, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how you can retain your car plate number for transfer to another vehicle. If you had retained your car plate number and want to find out how to Replace the retained registration number to your current car read our step-by-step guide here>.

Step 1. Login to

On the top right corner, click on login to access your dashboard. If your vehicle number plate is registered in your personal name, select the option ‘For Individual User’. Else, if your number plate is registered under your business name, select the option ‘For Business User’.

Step 2. Login via Your SingPass App or Password

Upon selecting the dashboard option, you may choose to login by using the QR code in the SingPass app or by directly keying in your SingPass ID and password.


Step 3. Go to Vehicle Hub

After you have entered your dashboard, click on ‘Looking for vehicle hub? Click here.’. This will open up the vehicle hub page.

You should now be able to see the following options in your navigation bar at the top of the screen.

Step 4. Go to ‘Retain Your Vehicle Number’

You can find this under ‘Ownership’, go to ‘Vehicle No.’ and click on ‘Retain My Vehicle No.’.

Step 5. Select the Car plate number you wish to Retain.

Under ‘Vehicle No. To Be Retained’, select the car plate number that you wish to retain using the drop-down menu.
Under ‘Replace With System Assigned No.’, select ‘yes’ to allow LTA to replace your current vehicle with a random car plate number from the current series.
Read and check the box to agree to the terms and conditions.
Click ‘Next’ to proceed.

Step 6. Make Payment & Enjoy!

You will have to make a payment of $1,300 to LTA in order to retain your number. Payment can be made via Credit Card, Enets, Google pay or PayPal. After the payment is made:

You will receive the new random number for your current vehicle.
Your selected retained number will be retained for 1 year.
After the number is retained, you can use the retained number on any of the following:

Used Car that is registered in your name.
A New Car that is not registered before. If you use the retained number on the new car within 1 year, LTA will make a refund of $1,200 to you.
In the event that you do not use the retained number in 1 year, the retained number will expire. Hence, do remember to use the number before expiry! Alternatively, you can choose to extend the expiry date of your retained number by 6 months for another $1,000 with LTA.

Now that you have retained your car plate number, we can help you find a buyer for your car plate. When deciding the selling price of your car plate, make sure you always add our admin fee and the LTA retention fee of $1,300 to the asking price so that your cost is covered by the buyer.

If you have any questions, we are happy to help. You may reach us via WhatsApp or Email.

Thank you.

With Love, Purpose & Passion,