Feng Shui Car Plate Numbers for 2021!

Looking to feng shui your car? With a literal meaning of “wind and water”, the purpose of feng shui is to seek prosperity, fortune, health, and overall well being by looking at how energy flows through a particular space.

The most common feng shui method is done by looking at numerical values and their meanings. Generally, odd numbers are associated with “yin” energy and even numbers with “yang” energy. In Chinese culture, single digits are also associated with different meanings, usually based on the sounding of the numbers. (Read more here: Why Does Single Digit Car Plate Number Cost So Much?)

For vehicle number plates, car plate number combinations can be a super creative way to bring good energy to your vehicle and ward off any negative energy from it. Check out our hand-picked combinations below!

Number 7
Number 7, otherwise known as “Lucky Seven”, is seen to be a very auspicious number both from the Western and Chinese culture. In Chinese saying, Number 7 “qi” is similar to the sounding of “起” (rise) and “气” (vital energy), which are important elements to attracting positive energies.

Number 8
Number 8 is said to be the most lucky number in Chinese numerology due to its pronunciation “fa” sounding very close to “发” (wealth, fortune, prosperity). This single digit car plate number is also the most rare and pursued by feng shui car owners, as it is viewed as a symbol of social status by society.

Number 51
Number 51 is associated with strong individual determination and will to accomplish great things. The car plate number 51 signifies the phrase “我一定” (I will) in Chinese, and is a favourite among business leaders and strong-minded individuals with big life plans. When combined with other numbers (e.g. 518), it sets a firm resolution for the individual to prosper in life.

Number 84
Number 84 is a good number in Chinese numerology as it contains a balance of the “yin” and “yang” numbers. In this combination, “8” is the “yang” number and “4” is the “yin” number. This creates a complementary and dynamic system that generates powerful synergy value.

Number 108
Number 108 has a positive meaning associated with “guaranteed prosperity”, due to its pronunciation “yi ling fa” which sounds very close to the Chinese phrase “一定发” (confirm prosper). This number combination is very lucky for new businesses, which explains why it is favoured by many entrepreneurs.

Number 130
Number 130 is the number of positivity, creativity and expansion. This lucky combination has association with the Chinese phrase “一定升” (guaranteed rise), and is incredibly suitable for car owners wanting to scale their businesses further and take it to the next level.

Number 138
Number 138 is an incredibly optimistic number for anyone who wants to have a successful life. A pronunciation similar to “一生发” (prosper in one’s life), the number signifies great blessings and prosperity throughout a person’s whole life and his/her ventures.

Number 178
Number 1788 is a combination of the positive energies of number 1 and number 7. Pronounced as “yi qi ba ba”, its sounding is very similar to “一起发发” (together prosper). With the powerful number 8 appearing twice, the combination is an auspicious sign of great progress and growth especially for newly-wedded couples or business partners.

Number 289
Number 289 is another very lucky number combination which means that “it is easy to gain wealth for a long time”. The number combination is super popular among Chinese feng shui believers due to the individual numbers adding up to 1, which is a desirable number in numerology representing “good luck”.

Number 1991
Number 1991 is made up of the number “1” and “9”, which represents “第一” (first) and “久” (long). When combined together, this means the individual will be able to be the best in his/her field or industry for a very long time. The repetition of the numbers further amplifies the positive energies the combination has.

Number 3308
Number 3308 is an exceptionally optimistic number combination using numbers 3, 0, and 8. Its enunciation is close to “生生定发” (confirm prosper life after life), which means that the person will prosper forever, life after life. This number is very popular among the Chinese, as they believe in reincarnation and karma after life.

Number 5454
Number 5454 is an unusual number combination as it contains the dreaded number 4 which means “death”. However, by adding a number 5 in front, the number combination sounds similar to “无死无死” (no death). With the phrase repeated twice, the number brings about great luck and protection to people who perform risky activities on a day to day basis.

Number 5555
Number 5555 is viewed as a congratulatory and positive number from the Western and Chinese culture. In Western countries, giving a high five to another individual implies that “it is a deal” or “congratulations”. To the Chinese, this is also true when the company has successfully accomplished something.

Number 8833
Number 8833 is a guaranteed favourite for individuals who want to overcome their limits and achieve more in life. Combining “发” (prosper, fortune, wealth) with “升” (rise, keep rising), this number attracts incredible luck for companies and individuals to conquer any obstacles and rise above their current adversity.

Number 8862
Number 8862 is another favoured combination among the Chinese businessmen as it means to “prosper easily”. With new businesses set up everyday, the combination gathers good energy for companies to generate wealth and grow easily even if faced with great competition.

Number 8899
Number 8899 heightens the prosperity element of the number 8. With a sounding of “jiu”, number 9 is associated with a meaning of “long-lasting” and “eternity”. Put together, the number 8899 represents long-term prosperity and success, an extremely auspicious number for businesses.

Do you know any other lucky feng shui car plate numbers? Let us know in the comments below.

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