Fun Facts About Singapore’s Car Plate System

Did you know that the S32H vintage car plate was sold for an auction value of S$335,000? That’s probably the cost of a typical 4-room HDB flat right there.

In this article, we will be covering three fun facts about Singapore’s number plate system that you probably didn’t know about. Check them out below!

Fun fact 1: Colours of the License Plates Represent Different Vehicle Types

(Credit: One Motoring)
If you have been driving for a while, you will probably notice different coloured vehicles here and there. And no, they are not actually for aesthetic purposes like what you may have thought. Here’s a summary of the different colours and what they mean:

Standard Private Vehicles: Typically white characters with a black background. However, if the car plate is reflective, they should have black characters on a white background at the front, and black characters with a yellow background for the rear.

Off-peak Cars: White characters with a red background.

Research and Development Vehicles: White characters with a diagonal yellow and blue background.

Hazmat Vehicles: Black characters with an orange background.

Vintage and Classic Vehicles: White characters with a horizontal red and yellow background.

Pulau Ubin Vehicles: White characters with a green background.

Restricted Use Vehicles: White characters with a diagonal red and green background.

Fun Fact 2 : Extremely Strict Standards for License Plates Lettering

(Credit: One Motoring)
It is compulsory for all vehicles to comply with the standardised dimensions for characters on the number plates, including the numbers and letters. For all vehicles, the required lettering dimensions are standardised to be the following:

  • Characters, including letters and numbers, must be 70 mm high, 50 mm wide, and 10 mm broad
  • Space between adjoining characters is 10mm
  • Space between letter and digit is 20mm
  • Margins between characters and the top and bottom edges of the plate is 10mm
  • Margins between characters and the sides of the plate is 20mm

Fun Fact 3: Bid or Buy Your License Plates

In Singapore, you can obtain your car plate number through two manners: (1) Bid for a new series of car plate numbers on the One Motoring website, or (2) Purchase novelty, vintage or collectible license plates from other owners or car dealers.

Typically, new car owners go for the former option to secure a license plate. The prices you pay will be largely dependent on the demand for the plates and the bidding amounts. However, if you are looking for more unique and rare car plate numbers, you can choose to bid for a huge selection of car plates online from other car owners or dealers like

Not just license plates, these rare car plates are priced highly for its vintage value and auspicious or witty characters. For instance, the single-digit car plate series, or license plates containing lucky numbers like “8” have become a subtle flex of social status for car owners.

Do you know any other fun facts about Singapore’s license plate system? Let us know in the via email. If you wish to buy or sell a car plate, you may also contact us via whatsapp and we will get back to you within 24 hour.