Why do I get only $2000 body price for my 10 years old Mercedes benz E200

In a blink of an eye, you drove your loyal Mercedes Benz E200 for the past 10 years, rain or shine, weekdays, or weekends. Your Mercedes benz E200 brings you to places with pride and joy, getting you to work, groceries, and sending your kids to school and the few times you proudly borrowed it to your relative as their family wedding car.

Due to the tax structure and Certificate of Entitlement in Singapore, all brand new vehicles are purchased with a 10 years certificate, something like a “rights” to drive the car for 10 years on Singapore Road. Thereafter the owner can choose to deregister the car or buy another Certificate of Entitlement.

Now that your loyal Mercedes Benz E200 is due for scrap / deregister, you want to get the highest body price for your 2010 Mercedes Benz E200. As you look for dealers to scrap or export your car the offers you are getting on top of the LTA residual value is around $1500-$2000. It does not make much sense to you, how can the body of Mercedes Benz E200 get you only $2000 only!?

Well, let us share our views with you and see if this makes sense for you.

At the 10 year mark, if the owner chooses to scrap his car, regardless of the vehicle conditions the scrap yard buys and destroys the car for scrap metal, usually prices lower compared to the exporter as the scrapyards buy to scrap and the exporter buys to resells, however export will only buy cars that are “resellable”.

If the owner chooses to export his car say a Mercedes benz E200 through an exporter, perhaps he can command $2,000-$4,000 range if his car condition deems “exportable”, conditions are usually low mileage, well kept and almost flawless for a 10 years old car (which are rare). The exporter will send to countries like Nigeria, New Zealand, Mauritius or any countries which its import regulation allows imported of used car. From the Exporter buy price of the body say Example $2000, he will need to add the following cost:
Cost Price $2000
Repair & paintwork Estimate $1500
Shipment $1000
Exporter’s Margin $2000-3000
Selling price total $6,500 – $7,500

At $6,500 – $7,500 that is the landing price of the 10-year-old car in the “new market” which the local dealer ( dealer that brought from Singapore exporter) in the “new market ” will add his margin, cost of wear and tear, warranty and etc compete with other local dealers his local dealer.

As such this is the reason why a 10 years old Mercedes Benz body only command $2000-$4000 at its 10-year mark in Singapore.

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