We sold the number SJB8668B for $3,800 !

SJB8668S Sold
You might wonder why would someone pay $3,800 for a common number like 8668 plus an additional LTA replacement fee of $1300, the total cost of 8668 is at $5,100?!

The answer is obvious this number is 1. Not a common number and 2. It has a special meaning for the buyer.

This is the interesting part on how one depicts or decipher a number if we take a closer look at SJB8668B actually reads like sj B8 66 8B = SJ 88 66 88, and the buyer’s ID ends with 8668 as well, now the additional amount of $3,800 added to his total cost of his Toyota Vellfire makes of sense for SJ 88 66 88 !

If you have a car that is reaching its 10 years mark, you next know if you can milk an additional few thousand dollars for your car plate number.

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