We Sold the number SDS95D

On 19-7-2020 we sold the number plate SDS95D to a young and successful executive. Why is the number 95 so special?

we spent sometime over the weekend and did some research and Google-ing. From the internet and sources, The number 95 maybe just an ordinary number to us in the current era, but in the ancient China 95 or 九五 is referring to the Emperor’s Sovereignty.

According the Book of I CHING or Book of Change, the numbers are classify as Ying or Yang.

Number 9 is the largest number in the Yang Numbers. And 5 is the middle which is the most auspicious position. Thus when 9 and 5 are together it represents the most Powerful and Auspicious Number combination. In ancient China, they address the Emperor as The most Highness 95 or 九五至尊.

Soruce: https://baike.baidu.com/item/%E4%B9%9D%E4%BA%94%E8%87%B3%E5%B0%8A/16003723

In the Western world of Numerology, 95 also the essence of the number 95 is a composite containing the ideas of:
Expression of Personal Freedom

Soruce: https://affinitynumerology.com/number-meanings/number-95-meaning.php

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