The Joy of owning a Single-digit Car plate

The joy of driving a car with a really nice number plate.

Due to an opportunity that arises, I was given the chance to use a nice car number plate to put on my 10 years E200.

Initially was out to help a friend, ended up I have a very great and nice experience.

Being a person who doesn’t really care about car plate number, I personally experienced how having a nice number plate and can have an impact on how people view our car.

When people saw a 10 years old with a new prefix car plate number, they will interpret that the previous owner must have retained the old plate for the car. And thus this is someone who cannot afford to buy new car so settle for this old car. But when they saw the same car using a nice single digit number, they will interpret that wow see this must be a good car that the owner still willing to keep it. Even he can afford to a newer car, just look at the single digit number you know he is rich. This is especially true on car like Mercedes-Benz as they are known for their lasting engines.

Once my wife uses my car, when exiting a shopping mall carpark she realises the cashcard need to top up. So she parked by the side and walk to the cashcard machine. When she was returning back the car, she overheard a “wow” sound of a girl walking infront of her with her family. The girl let out the ‘wow” as she was amazed by the single digit car plate number.

Having a single-digit number is like wearing a branded timepiece. Its show people that you are willing to spend so much on a car plate number show people your social status. By having a single-digit car plate number makes your car stand out among other cars. Especially with number like 8. Chinese always like 8 as it is an auspicious number.

Single digit car number can also be an investment as it can appreciate in value. Many Supercars like to have single-digit car plate as it look nicer to have less characters on the number plate. With the increase in Supercars population in Singapore, it not difficult to find new buyers willing to pay more to buy from you.

In Singapore, where are cars are expensive, single digits carplate are also very expensive. Heard from some car dealers, single digits can always exchange hands ranging from $100,000. Head the digit 1 are normally bidded above $100,000.

Soon I believe this single digit will find a new owner, in the meantime, I am enjoying the luxury while its last.

Contributed by our friend and customer, the writer is driving a ten years old E200 with a SDD8K car number plate.

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With Love Passion and Purpose.

-Team Car Plate Mart –

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