The number 69 – Like the law of attraction, does the number follows you?

Yesterday, on 8 July 2020 we sold the Vehicle registration number SDL69P to a young successful business owner in the technology sector. Before purchasing the number he consulted his Fung Shui master which gave him the green light to purchase the number through us. The Fung Shui master said that the number is “heng heng” for him and does not conflict with his Bai Zi.

So at about 1700 hrs we met at Fu Lu Shao complex to complete the deal and transfer the ownership of the car plate. It took us about 20 minutes to transfer the number. We spent the next 30 minutes chit-chatting and exchanging views on how special and unique the number 69 is. Few interesting points from our conversations:


69 – looks like the Ying Yang Logo, which represents balance in life and all thing we do, key to happiness is actually balance.

Yin Yang Logo which Looks like number 69
2. The 69 Dice game. As we were both born in the 1980s, we remembered a childhood dice game called 69. The dice has only 2 face, the 6 face and the 9 face. The dealer would roll the 69 dice, while the players will guess if the dice falls with its 6 or 9 face. While the dealer spins the 69 dice he would shout repeatedly “696969696” till the dice falls on the 6 or 9 sides.

3. 69 Joke – What is the fastest speed one can have sex? Answer is 68 because when it reach 69, position changed.

We made new friendship and part ways. I made my way to the basement car park of Fu Lu Sho complex to collect my car and I saw this BMW with the car plate SL69P, minutes ago the buyer brought the number SLD69P. What are the chances, same prefix and number except missing the letter D! I cannot choose not to believe that number follows people!

SL69 P which was at the basement of Fu Lu Shou complex when we were transferring the carplate SLD69P.
And below is the picture of SLD69P on our buyer’s BMW 640.

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