How do you find out which car model is the Car plate number registered to?

We often get asked, ” The Car plate number is on what car now?”

This is how we can find out, by using the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) website check “Road Tax Expiry” function. This is the link Road Tax Expiry. You will just need to enter the car plate number and recaptcha and the vehicle will be populated for you.

LTA Road Tax Expiry page

Let us use the Car Plate number SDD 8 K as an example, when we enter the car plate SDD 8 K and Recaptcha the website populate that the number is being registered on a Mercedes Benz E200.

If there is now results these could means the below :

The number has been retained and is currently not on a car.
The number has expired and no longer on the road.
Or the number could be invalid – You can check if the number is valid if you crosscheck it with a Check Sum Generator.

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