Buying your Birth Year Car Plate?

As it is everyone’s preference to choose their own car plate number, choose a number that is their birth year or their birth year is also a popular choice among Singaporeans. The Above numbers are the diagram of birth year for anyone born between 1991 – 1999.

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There are normally two ways they will choose either like the full four digits (eg 1975) or double digits 75.
As four digits are always cost lesser to bid as compared to double digits (eg 75). The above diagram is for anyone born between 1979 to 1987.

As we can see from the Main Bidding single and double digits car plates are always the first one to go during the First Main Bidding. As for those start with 19XX numbers can still be found after the First or Second Bidding.

One good reason why people will choose Birth year as car plate number as it has Memorable and its Meaningful.
Sometimes people can also choose their children’s birth year to be their car plate number.

In addition, choosing the birth year as car plate number can also help them to easily remember their car plate number.

But it can be also a disadvantage as it may expose their age. Surely there is no right or wrong as it is a personal choice to choose what car number they like. So long it makes them happy. Seeing a nice and familiar number on their car plate is always a joy to many.

Thus, if you really love to your birth year to be on your car plate, do look out for Main Bid Opening on Onemotoring websites. Alternatively, you can also choose from our website ( click here to see ) if there is any number to your liking.

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