How to Check if a Singapore registered vehicle has outstanding Malaysia Summon

Before buying a pre-own vehicle with an existing car plate number or perhaps buying a resale car plate number. The buyer can run a check online to make sure that the vehicle does not has any outstanding summons in Malaysia.

Because like most Singaporeans, Johor Bahru Malaysia is our favorite weekend getaway and we definitely do not want to be caught in a situation where we are being pulled over by the cops over traffic offenses incurred by the previous owner.

To check outstanding Malaysia summons online go to

Step 1. Click the “register now”(green box) on the right to register an account.
Step 2. Log in the “E service” (blue box) on the left to login to the system.

Step 3 . After you login, select JABATAN PENGANGKUTAN JALAN (blue box)

Step 4. Next Select “Check & Pay RTD Summons

Step 5. Enter the Carpate number in the top blue box, and select the drop-down menu “Non Malaysia Resident “

Step 6. Any outstanding Malaysia Summon will be should here.

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