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Registration Plate Checksums

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The checksum allows us to find out the suffix letter or last alphabet of a car plate number. In Singapore, the vehicle registration numbers follow a set of formula to populate the suffix letter of the registration numbers.

How to use the checksum

If we enter the front alphabets of the vehicle registration number example, “SDP” follows with the car plate number example, “8160” the checksum will generate “L” as the suffix letter or last alphabet. Which completes the registration number “SDP 8160 L”.

Our checksum formula can also work on single or double alphabets. In the 1900s Singapore registered vehicles start with single “S” alphabet and in the 1970s vehicle registration numbers start with single “E” series.

Try it:
If you enter “SS” follow by “777” you will generate the registration number “SS 777 S”.
If you enter “EB” follow by “2332” , you will generate the registration number “EB 2332 J”.

Why is checksum useful

1. Make better LTA bidding decisions

Before the release of a bidding series, our checksum can generate the full vehicle number. Assuming, you are waiting for a new series to be released from LTA and you are deciding if you want to bid for the registration number SMP 1. By using our checksum you can make a better decision knowing that the full registration number for SMP 1 ends with J.

2. Car dealers and motor insurance agents

When the client of the car dealer or motor insurance agent cannot recall the last prefix of their registration number. The car dealer or motor insurance agent can use our checksum to confirm the last prefix or alphabet. The agent can then use the registration number to check the resale value of the vehicle or generate a motor insurance.

3. Validate the vehicle number plate

Wondering if the vehicle with the unique number plate is from Malaysia or Singapore? Or do you find a vehicle registration plate looking suspicious? Validate it with our checksum and have fun.

Use our Checksum Generator here.
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