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Sales of car plates has become one of the most thriving businesses in Singapore, but not just any car plates, vintage car plates. This business is thriving off the taste of uniqueness by the rich, the principle is based on the principle ostentatious demand. The earliest car plates in Singapore come with a single S prefix, for example, S45X. These single S-car plates, which are very vintage are very rare and high in demand, making them very expensive that they cost up to three hundred thousand dollars, this price doesn’t deter buyers who seek to be unique as they bid always when an opportunity to do so comes up. In Singapore, car plates numbers are made up of alphabets and numbers, the alphabet which usually comes before the number is called the prefix, while the number is called the suffix. In the early days, car plate of private cars starts with a singular prefix S, then SA and SY due to congestion of the former. After the S-prefix was exhausted, a singular E-prefix was introduced, then and EB-prefix after the singular E was exhausted. Below are a few prefixes for different vehicles in Singapore: SBS: this is the prefix used by SBS transit buses. SMB: this is the prefix used by SMRT buses SEP: this is for the official state car; SEP is short for Singapore Elected President. The official car allocated to the president carries a plate number that starts with SEP. SJ: these are for cars used by the judges of the Singapore Supreme Court. To distinguish the Chief of Justice from other judges, his car carries a plate number with SJ1. SPF: this is allocated to the car of the commissioner of the Singapore Police Force. There are a few other suffices for other unique individuals, organizations and government offices but we will like to focus on the very early car plates which are for private users and are very unique. The affluent and lavish in the society believe that their sports cars that are worth 1.5 million dollars deserve a plate number that is different from what the other users with modest cars use. The price of these vintage car plates is determined by a couple of factors, below are four of those factors: Age of car plate: the older the car plate, the more unique it is and the reasons are quite easy to understand. The very first car plate numbers in Singapore made over some seventy years ago are made up of a single prefix, then the double prefix series SA and SY i.e. S, for example, the ‘S 49 Z’ and SA, for example, ‘SA 66 H’. when you move around the cities of Singapore, hardly will you come by a car plate with such number, they are very rare, most of the remaining single S-car plates in Singapore are used by the government, so any private individual who uses it is seen as unique and different and richest folks like to be identified as different and unique. They are so eager to be classified as different and you cannot blame them for it. The older the plate number, the more money is bidder drops for it. The single S series: this series is the earliest form of car plates in Singapore, they are the most unique of all car plates and are rumored to be just 20 in numbers that are available for purchase by individuals. The remainder of the ones registered are used by governments. They are the oldest and most unique of all car plates allocated to private users in Singapore, hence the most expensive to get, as they are sold for up to three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000). An example of a single S series car plate is the ‘S 45 x’, whose asking price is three hundred and eighty-eight thousand dollars ($388,000). Prefix abbreviation: asides the S prefixes, there are a whole lot of prefixes used in Singapore for car plates and the vintage ones come with different asking prices with the single S series topping the list. Here is a list of different vintage prefix abbreviation and their asking prices: ‘S 45 X’ : asking price: $388,000 ‘SKT 1 L’: asking price: $138,888 ‘SP 55 H’: asking price: $108,000 ‘SX 2222 L’: asking price: $48,000 ‘E 3838 D’: asking price: $38,888 (Reference: a source of the above list from sgCarMart) Single number price vs 4 digit numbers: single number car plates are plates that have got just one number in their number, fax for example ‘SKP 3 C’ while the 4 digit number are those with 4 figures in their title, for example, ‘E 3444 R’. The single-digit number are more expensive than the four-digit number as they range from twelve thousand dollars to eighty-five thousand dollars ($12,000-$85,000) while the four digits numbers range from six thousand dollars to sixty thousand dollars ($6,000-$60,000). These four main factors affect the average price that a vintage car plate Is sold on Singapore, they are to be put into consideration if you are going to sell or buy any vintage car plate.

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